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Are My Kids and Pets Safe Around Pest Control?


When faced with a pest infestation in your home, it's natural to be concerned about the safety of your loved ones, including pets and children. At Pruitt Pest Management, we believe that effective pest control should never compromise the safety of your family or the environment. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering the safest and most efficient pest control services in the Mount Airy region and beyond.

The Importance of Safe Pest Control for Kids & Pets

Effective pest control is essential for various reasons, including preventing property damage and the spread of diseases. However, it's equally crucial to prioritize the safety of your family, pets, and the environment when implementing pest control measures.

Choose Professional Pest Control Services

When you choose Pruitt Pest Management, you're selecting a team of highly trained and licensed professionals who prioritize safety above all else. We have extensive experience in pest control, and we adhere to industry-standard practices and guidelines to ensure the well-being of your family.

Assess the Pest Control Methods

Before proceeding with any pest control treatment, it's essential to understand the methods and products the pest control company plans to use. Ask for detailed information about the treatment process, including:

  • The type of pesticides or chemicals to be used.

  • The application methods (spraying, baiting, trapping, etc.).

  • The duration of treatment and any necessary precautions.

At Pruitt Pest Management, we use treatments that are safe for your children and your pets. We use these same treatments in our own homes, so you can trust that our treatment is safe for all.

Consider Pest Management

When protecting your home and family from pests, prevention is the best. Pest Management is an environmentally friendly and holistic approach to pest control. It focuses on preventing pest problems before they escalate. When it comes to protecting your family, you've done the work before the problem arises. Instead of paying doctor and vet bills, you get ahead of the problem with pest management. Our management services follow industry best practices:

  • Regular inspections to detect pest issues early.

  • Identifying the specific pest species and their habits.

  • Locating entry points.


Safe pest control methods are crucial for protecting your home from infestations while ensuring the well-being of your family, including pets and children. Hiring professional pest control services, understanding the treatment methods, and following recommended precautions will help you strike the right balance between pest management and safety. By taking these steps, you can enjoy a pest-free home without compromising the health and safety of your loved ones.

Give us a call today so we can help you safely take care of pests while taking the utmost care of your family, children, and pets!


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